Mekedatu - Mekedatu is a popular getaway from Bangalore. It means Goats leap in Kannada. The distance between the rocks through which river flows is narrow and there is mythology which goes on to say a goat had jumped across the river to escape a chasing tiger. The distance is few meters but it would not be possible fr goats to leap. It is around 90kms from Bangalore. It is on the Kanakpura route.

One can go up to Cauvery Akravti Sangama on road after which he should cross the river. Water is not shallow, so need for boats does not arise. Then buses are available which will drive up to Mekedatu. The distance between sangama river and Mekedatu is approximately 3 kms.

One can spend few hours in this place looking at the flow of the water. There is not much to see otherwise. There are no places to stay though Kabini resorts by Jungle lodges is not far off.